Prototype Payload

As you may already know, the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers group are participating in a High Altitude Balloon launch. We have been busy at the “Hack Shack” making preparations for a kite test flight. Witch is why it has been quite around hear.

All the different parts that group members have created are being bundled up in to a small polystyrene box and are taking flight via a kite. However there are still some parts witch need to be sorted. A half build day and half field day has been proposed. The theory is that we will spend half a day at Access Space adding the final hardware components to the prototype, then the plan is to drive down to Graves Park with radios, laptops, 3G Dongle ext… and conduct some proper field testing.

This is going to help us take another step forwards in getting to launch our proper balloon. We have also put together a video to show everybody what stage we are up to. This included a look at the hardware and payload camera test.

On top of this if there are any radio amateurs or shot wave listeners in that area that are interested in receiving or decoding RTTY data, we will write a post with the radio details.

Feel free to leave any comments with us.


High Altitude Ballooning Update

So… With preparation for our High Altitude Balloon launch well underway, we thought that we would let the community know what we where up to on this challenge.

The bits that we are working on at the minuet include:

– The telemetry hardware (the radio transmitter sending GPS data ect)
– Selecting a suitably sized gondola (the payload box)
– Constructing a parachute
– Experimenting with different methods of reviving the telemetry data

The telemetry transmitter module is now in the stage where it is being made more permanent. It has been soldered on to some strip board with a whole host of components, including a GPS and pressure sensor.

We have been able to acquire some various shaped polystyrene boxes for gondolas. We just need to decide witch one will be the most suitable to carry our payload.

We have also been very lucky to have a group member construct us a parachute for helping the payload get back down to the ground in one pice.