Playing with the PiGlow

Janine's PiGlow

Playing with the PiGlow

Having purchased the Raspbery Pi B+, I decided to try it out with the PiGlow from Pimoroni. As a new user of Python, I downloaded the examples from Ben Lebherz (benleb), available from GitHub, in order to get the PiGlow going. The instructions made sure that the Pi was set up correctly, and soon the red LEDs began lighting up. I then began editing the code myself, to get a feel for Python and soon all LEDs were blinking, pulsing and the arms/legs coming on and off in rotation. The PiGlow can even be controlled using Scratch (thanks to @rabid_inventor and Simon Walters at for assisting me with this).


Visiting Researchers

Visiting researchers

SHHM recently played host to a group of researchers from France, interested in what the cities of tomorrow will look like. Lots of interesting discussion about the rise of hackspaces and FabLabs, and the inexorable spread and improvement of tools that make the design, prototyping, and manufacture of widgets easier for everyone. Interim conclusion: the cities of the future will look much the same, but also very different. So that’s that sorted.