Sheffield Maker Day

On May the 9th of the November the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers participated in the Maker Day at Sheffield Hallam University. In this event we had three 3D printers, one of which was the SHHM’s Mendel 90. We also had a large collection of small projects that members had made (including a Geiger counter). As well as one or two Raspberry Pi’s. On top of this we had some Arduino projects witch featured some RGB LEDs.


The three 3D printers that we had on display in the picture above where (from left to right): A Reprap Huxley, a Reprap Prusa Mendel and a Mendel 90. The Mendel 90 was being driven by a Raspberry Pi. The Pi had Print Run installed on it, the open source software for driving 3D printers with. This allowed us to have full control over the printer just as you would if you where using a computer. The slicer settings still needed setting up on the Pi, but you can still take a look at the time laps below.

3D Print on Mendel 90

The printer was printing a small Android fridge magnet test piece.
This 3D printer being driven by the Raspberry Pi, called a “Mendel 90” was built at a event called “Festival Of The Mind” this took place over two days on a weekend where 5 of these printers where built.

The selection of projects that members had brought along to the maker day included: A Geiger counter, Arduino controlled egg incubator and Arduino controlled ambient lighting. All of these kits had been made from scratch by group members.
We also had another Raspberry Pi set up with Scratch on for people to play on and learn.


The next group meet up will take place on the 25th of November at Access space. New members are always welcome! For more Information on meet up’s and the group you can visit our Forum
Or alternately you can follow us on Twitter @SHHMakers

Evening Meet Up

This Months Meet Up

This meet up on the 29th of July, we had a man from BBC Radio Sheffiels come in and interview people about 3D printing. This was to try and get an understanding of what 3D printing is, how it works and how it has progressed over the years.

It was broadcast at 6:50 AM and in more detail at 7:30 AM. The show is available on iPlayer.

The 6:50 AM part is available hear at 1 hour 50 minuets.

Then the 7.30 AM part is available hear at 1 hour and 3 minuets.

Sheffield Hardware Hackers

The Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers group have a build day on the Saturday of each month, and a evening meet up on the last Monday of every month. There will be no meet ups or build days in August because Acsess space is closed. Normal meet ups and build days will return in September.

At this months meet up of Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers we have had Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and more

With the laser cutting a sign was cut out that said “Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers” this sign was made to put over where the 3D printers where. The sign had the text engraved on to the wood and the word Sheffield was cut out over the engraving.


The sign being cut out


The finished product

The 3D Printing

With the 3D Printer we printed a small android logo. This was from a Gcode file, This was used as a test piece. In total Access space has three 3D Printers. It’s own, and the two that the maker group brought over. Meany things have been printed on this printer, things like parts for other printers.


The setup of the 3D printers and one of them printing


The print close up

In total the print took around 18 minits to print.

Latest meet up

Sheffield hardware hackers latest meet up

This week on the 25th of march was our third meet up of the year. This month a number of things took place.
– Whats been going on/admin
– What projects people are getting involved in
– Set up of mendel 90 3D printer and installation of software
– 3D Printing
– Laser cutting

One of the first things that took place was the set up of the mendel 90 and the installation on the software. A computer and place
were kindly provided by access space. Print run (, Arduino IDE ( as well as
one or two overs where the programs that where installed. After a bit of tinkering we got the printer working.
3D Printed Android
There was also the laser cutting, a fan plate for the coffee can filter (more to follow on this) was cut. This was the final version that was designed using ink scape. The fan plate has a 150mm diameter, a hole for the fan, screw holes, and space for a 16mm cable gland.

Laser Cut Fan Plate
Laser Cut Fan Plate