We’re currently open on Saturday afternoons from 2pm-6pm (and also one or two evenings during the week depending on when volunteers are available). You can keep an eye on when we’re open by joining our forum: If you’d like to come down and have a tour do let us know beforehand so we can make sure the space isn’t too crowded.

For more information, please e-mail us…


Membership types

Membership is £6 a month which allows you to attend one evening session a week & every other Saturday; £21 a month allows you to have 24hr access so you can attend as many weekday evening sessions as you like.

NB: The Gaming SIG is a little different. Due to it only occurring once a fortnight, it only costs £3 to attend, per month.

You can also join our forum and take part in real time hacking and making, or request to join our IRC 24-hour chatroom.

Any questions? Come along to a meeting, or contact us.