Sheffield Maker Day 2014 – With SHHM

Once again the Sheffield hardware hackers and Makers attended the Maker Day 2014, but only this time it was hosted in The Yorkshire arts space just opposite of Access Space.

We had our own stall set up with:
– 3D Printers
– A Raspberry Pi
– A fair few Arduino’s
– Our High Altitude Balloon Project
and lots lots more…

There where three 3D Printers on display. There was the Mendel 90 and Pursa Mendel witch belong to the group and a Pursa Huxly witch belonged to a group member. The Mendel 90 witch was on display at the event was built at an event called “Festival Of The Mined”, this is where a group received funding to build several 3D Printers. At the end of the event the “Golden Spanner” award was presented. Teams where judged on how well they worked as a team, the quality and neatness of the build and the final print quality.

There was also a Raspberry Pi set up with scratch running on it, it was open for people to come along and and have a play. There was lots to talk about to the public about, it attracted a wide audience.

One thing that we did accomplish was getting together 4 Arduino kits. This then means that we can now let people have a play and learn using these kits. An one person who we must say Thank You to is Darran from “We Do 3D Printing” – We Do 3D Printing Store, who sorted us out with some of the kit.


As a group we want to put together some Arduino projects together with the intention of introducing people in to programming the Arduino. One of our members put together a template using Fritzing, an open source program witch lets you creat functioning circuit diagrams for Arduinos and other circuits. The template created displayed below.


With the discussion of the groups High Altitude Balloon project, we had our prototype gondola hanging from a baloney in exhibition hall. There was the sound of telemetry data that could be heard from the other side on the exhibition hall.


Overall it was a very successful weekend. We want to thank everybody who came along to the event on the day, as well as the organises of Maker Day Sheffield and the staff at Yorkshire Arts Space. Not forgetting everybody who came along to help us set up :-).

You can follow the Sheffield Makers on Twitter @shhmakers, or take a look at our Google Groups Forum.



February the 15th build day


This time, at the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers build day, we had everything from Arduino to 3D Printers (obviously 🙂 ) and everything in between.

But first, we where reunited with our Pursa Mendel. One of the group members had taken it away to get it up and running. We can’t thank him enough for doing so! When we first started building the Mendel we always kept in mind the idea as using it as a educational tool as it was being built. But we just needed that final big push to get it running.

Below is the machine in a state almost ready to print. The X, Y and Z end stops – micro switches, needed to be re aligned because they had been knocked out of line during transit.

We where able to get the X and Y end stops re alined, but we would haft to sort the rest out on the next build evening.

– More to follow…


The Mendel 90 fixing

Within the build day we where able to get hold of some micro drill bits and other things and stuff…
After successfully removing an amount of burnt plastic from the extruder. We did this by heating up the extruder up to temperature and digging out the burnt plastic.

The first image shows the “things and stuff” bought and the second one shows the print quality after the extruder has been un blocked (how it should look).



Arduino Robots

We also had a group member bring in an Arduino robot an AAR-04. It was programmed from the Arduino IDLE. There are two motors that drive the device back and forwards and a ball bearing at the front that keeps it in line. There are also some sensors at the front of the board, just by the ball bearing, these allow the robot to stop before it hit a surface.

You can take a look at the video below of the robot working…

Sheffield Maker Day

On May the 9th of the November the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers participated in the Maker Day at Sheffield Hallam University. In this event we had three 3D printers, one of which was the SHHM’s Mendel 90. We also had a large collection of small projects that members had made (including a Geiger counter). As well as one or two Raspberry Pi’s. On top of this we had some Arduino projects witch featured some RGB LEDs.


The three 3D printers that we had on display in the picture above where (from left to right): A Reprap Huxley, a Reprap Prusa Mendel and a Mendel 90. The Mendel 90 was being driven by a Raspberry Pi. The Pi had Print Run installed on it, the open source software for driving 3D printers with. This allowed us to have full control over the printer just as you would if you where using a computer. The slicer settings still needed setting up on the Pi, but you can still take a look at the time laps below.

3D Print on Mendel 90

The printer was printing a small Android fridge magnet test piece.
This 3D printer being driven by the Raspberry Pi, called a “Mendel 90” was built at a event called “Festival Of The Mind” this took place over two days on a weekend where 5 of these printers where built.

The selection of projects that members had brought along to the maker day included: A Geiger counter, Arduino controlled egg incubator and Arduino controlled ambient lighting. All of these kits had been made from scratch by group members.
We also had another Raspberry Pi set up with Scratch on for people to play on and learn.


The next group meet up will take place on the 25th of November at Access space. New members are always welcome! For more Information on meet up’s and the group you can visit our Forum
Or alternately you can follow us on Twitter @SHHMakers