An exciting find!

An exciting find while renovating the small room at our new HQ. Found in the ceiling were a collection of about 20 different knives and blades (finest Sheffield Steel of course!) wrapped in newspapers dating from 1890, 1885 and 1881! The Portland Works was home to Robert Mosley, the first manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery that carried our city’s name into kitchens and dining rooms across the world, and this looks like his work. Maybe SHH&M’s new home is one of his old workshops? After getting a lot of interest, we’ve passed them to the resident historian at Portland Works to make sure they’re properly preserved and put on display.


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Hacking the space!


Exciting times here at SHHM! We’re moving into our new space at the Portland Works. It’s an amazing building that’s been central to Sheffield’s industrial history, and is now run as “a community owned home for traditional crafts and creative arts”. We’ll fit in well!


We have big plans for this space: as a workshop for your projects, a classroom to learn new skills and techniques, and a social hub for hackers, makers and geeks in Sheffield. For now, though, we’re stripping it back to the bricks and making a blank canvas to work from. Everyone is very welcome to join us, but for the next few weeks while we’re building you should expect to get dirty!


Visiting the Portland Works

Portland Works rooftop

A group of SHHM members met up to be shown around the Portland Works. It’s one of the key sites in Sheffield’s manufacturing history; among other claims to fame, it was the home of the first business to make the stainless steel cutlery that carried the city’s name into homes all over the world. It’s still used as a home for small manufacturers and artists, and the rolling refurbishment programme is doing a great job of keeping the character of the original buildings intact. Not normally open to the public, but well worth a look around if you can catch one of their open days.

Gee has a nice writeup and some great photos of the site on his blog.

We have a Logo!

The Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers now has an official logo, with thanks to John. Over the weekend he created us a fantastically, well thought out and prestigious logo. We can now put a name to our face and start to show who we are.


I think that we can all agree that a large laser cut version of the logo is on the TO DO…. and maby even with some key rings… 🙂

Thanks John!

Don’t forget! There is an Open Lab Planned for Saturday the 15th in the Refab Lab at Access Space.