Covid-19 – Limited opening.

The hackspace is back open to the public to a limited degree but with a few limitations. The only session we are currently open for is Saturdays between 1400 – 1800 with social distancing and limits to the number of people in the space (on a first come first serve basis).

If you’re new to the hackspace, please contact the trustees in advance (preferably a few days). If you’ve been a member for a while and are a member of the Google Groups, you should receive an e-mail at some point before the Saturday session which you can reply to.

You will be required to give us your details for the purpose of contact tracing. And to agree to inform us if you have Coronavirus symptoms at some point within 2 weeks of attending the hackspace (or if you test positive). Your information and whether you have contracted Coronavirus, will be held in the strictest confidence.

Sorry if this is inconvenient, we’re hoping to increase the number of sessions we’re open for soon.

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