On Friday October 23rd we took part in MAKE:SHIFT:DO. A creative open day run by the Craft Council. Also taking part at Portland Works was James Wallbank who was doing Laser Cutting tutorials.

We displayed a number of our ongoing projects and had a few interested parties. Photos below.

Portland Works was the only location in Sheffield to be taking part in MAKE:SHIFT:DO this year and 1 of only 4 locations in Yorkshire as a whole.

We hope to run a similar (if not much, much better) event next year.

Quite a a set up here with @shhmakers and @portland #MakeShiftDo

A Tweet mentioning us from the Craft Council.

A number of projects running including a 3D printer and pirc running in the background.

A number of projects running including a 3D printer and pirc running in the background.

A handful of our visitors.

A handful of our visitors.

3D Printing Examples

3D Printing Examples

A poster advertising the day.

A poster advertising the day.


December the 14th Build Day

On december the 14th we had our monthly build day at Access Space. We had a large array of 3D printers and electronic projects
being worked on, some of the things that went on throughout the day include...
- 3D Printing parts to improve the hack space
- Laser Cutting
- Tinkering with electronics

3D Printing parts to improve the hack space

We have been hosting our meet-ups at Access Space for around 9 months now. From the start Access Space has very kindly given us a space in there Refab Lab for us to store and use our 3D Printers. We where asked to put forward suggestions for in ways witch we
could improve the hack space. We discussed with Access Space about making it an easier space to work in. We decided to create and print some coat hooks. We drew up some 3D coat hooks in Open SCAD, a free open source 3D CAD programme.

3D Printed coat hook being drawn up in Open SCAD

Once the object had been Compiled and Rendered it was exported as a STL file, it could then be sliced and printed. altogether we
printed four of the coat hooks, in total we had three printers on the Job. Including the small foldable, portable printer that
has been made by one of the group members (we will try any get picture).

3D coat hook being printed

This above is this is the finished product. The coat hooks where mounted on to a pice of wood witch was screwed on to a shelving

Laser Cutting

One of the 3D printers that was brought along to the build day was a SUMPOD Delta, this printers X,Y and Z axis sit on three
threaded rods. Some pieces where designed using Ink Scape (a 2D open source CAD programme) and laser cut. The pieces where to
mount the stepper motors on to the printer.

SUMPOD Delta 3D Printer

Among all of this we also had some people with Arduino's creating projects, including light synthesisers.  

We would also like to thank Access Space for providing us with a work space and access to tools and machinery in there Refab Lab.
The next meet up will be held at Access Space on the on January the 27th.

You can keep in contact with us by following us on Twitter @SHHMakers or on our forum at:!forum/sheffield-hardware-hackers

Sheffield Hardware Hackers

The Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers group have a build day on the Saturday of each month, and a evening meet up on the last Monday of every month. There will be no meet ups or build days in August because Acsess space is closed. Normal meet ups and build days will return in September.

At this months meet up of Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers we have had Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and more

With the laser cutting a sign was cut out that said “Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers” this sign was made to put over where the 3D printers where. The sign had the text engraved on to the wood and the word Sheffield was cut out over the engraving.


The sign being cut out


The finished product

The 3D Printing

With the 3D Printer we printed a small android logo. This was from a Gcode file, This was used as a test piece. In total Access space has three 3D Printers. It’s own, and the two that the maker group brought over. Meany things have been printed on this printer, things like parts for other printers.


The setup of the 3D printers and one of them printing


The print close up

In total the print took around 18 minits to print.