Minecraft Server

One of our members Pixelpox has built a Minecraft server for us to all play and socialise on. It is a project that is just getting started but has already been popular with some of the members here at the Sheffield Hackspace.

Interesting Specs

Some of you are most interested in the technical details about the server so here it is.

Server TypeSpigot
Minecraft Server Version1.14
Plugins Addedgriefprotection

Members Creations

Our members have been hard at work collecting resources and building their buildings. Some people have taken to creating farms such as sugar cane and eggs for the whole community to benefit from a sustainable source of food.

Others have been focused on village security and plain old exploring the world. Check out some of the things that have already been built.

How can I join?

It’s simple and FREE! Go to the Sheffield Hackspace Forum to subscribe online and introduce yourself. After that ask for the Minecraft details and one of our current members will get back to you with the details. Our Minecraft servers are also open to friends/family of hackspace members.

Alternatively you can join us on a gaming night that runs every other Saturday, see our events calendar for more details but importantly you’ll need to sign up as a paying member (£6/month) first which can be done on your first visit.

Gaming night isn’t just about Minecraft, members decide on the night what they are going to play in the group, this can be RetroPie and Raspberry Pi games, console games, PC LAN games, board games and much more!.