A few lasercut pieces…


Did we mention we have a lasercutter? We have a lasercutter. It runs off the open source LAOS controller board, and couldn’t be simpler to get your designs into.

We’ve been getting to grips with it, and our members are turning out things like leather bookmarks

…project boxes, tensegrity balls…
Tensegrity Ball

…rubber stamps
SHHM Logo stamp

…and quite a few other bits and pieces. What do you want to build? Come along to one of our scheduled sessions and say hello!

1 thought on “A few lasercut pieces…

  1. I did the intro to laser cutting workshop at Makers on the edge last week. 2 hours going through creating a file in Inkscape, migrating it through the different file types (complete with explanations as to why you need to) before sending a couple of test items to their laser cutter to see for myself the time difference between cutting (fairly quick) and etching (time consuming). We also discussed the economics of using laser cutters; which would be useful for those looking at commercial ideas. Doing that workshop is a good place to start if you’ve not done anything in this area (including using design software) and included a discount, if I wanted to go back for the longer workshop. I can now use what I learnt and combine it with the cutter in SHHM to get creative. Now I just need some inspiration and time…

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