A quick snapshot

Busy times here at SHH&M! A few snapshots of things our members have been working on recently in the hackspace:

Project Snapshots



Some of the stuff we’ve been up to lately includes:

  • Upgrading one of our 3D printers
  • Building comfy deckchairs for slow afternoons in the coutyard
  • Ultra-lightweight aircraft for indoor flying
  • Building and upgrading our network and servers
  • Running workshops, including amazing ice-cream!
  • Arduino and ESP8266 programming
  • Prototyping a pocket-sized (taking-to-the-pub-sized!) boardgame
  • Learning woodworking and joinery
  • …plus our high altitude balloon project, catching up with friends and being inspired by cool projects at the Halifax Mini Maker Faire, further work on our RFID entry system, and a hundred other things that I don’t have photos of.

It’s been another good month, and it’s only going to get better! If you’re interested in joining in, at any skill level (NB: “any” definitely includes “complete beginner”), get in touch or look at our calendar and just turn up to a session!

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