Machine sewing


Most of our members’ hacking time is going into the new space at the moment: getting the fabric of the building repaired, and setting up our infrastructure (some posts on our adventures with the ESP8266 WiFi modules should be up soon!). But as a Sunday project, I tried picking up a new technique — sewing a waistcoat from a pattern.

I picked up a pattern for a waistcoat and, calling this a prototype, a few metres of the cheapest cotton fabric that the Moor Market had to offer. I’ve made a few kites before, but this is my first attempt at clothing, and working with the acres of tissue paper and arcane symbols that constitute a sewing pattern.

Some careful cutting…

…pinning, and sewing…

…eventually yielded a fairly convincing first attempt at a waistcoat. The colours and fabrics are pretty ghastly, but overall, I’m pretty happy with this as a first ever try!



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