Make a hedgehog house for your garden

We’re getting toward hedgehogs’ hibernation season, so Sarah built a hedgehog house for her garden, and wrote up her process for others to follow. It’s a fun weekend project; if you make one, we’d love to hear about it. Of course, we have all the tools you need in the hackspace, for all members to use. Call in to one of our open sessions to take a look.

Use a hand saw to cut a 6” diameter pipe to min 30cm. (Electric saws will melt, not cut the plastic.) File the edge smooth. This is the entrance tunnel that will prevent foxes/badgers etc fishing the hedgehogs out of the house.

Balance a 30L storage box on the end of the pipe and draw around the end of the pipe with a marker pen.

Use a dremel or similar on a slow setting to cut out inside of the pen line.

File smooth the inside and outside of the cut edge. Use the marker pen to measure out 3cm points along both long sides, under the overhang.

Drill ventilation holes through each pen mark on both sides.

Unscrew the nut and remove the washers from the 90 bend pipe. Place against the short end of the box, near the top edge and draw around the inside of the washer. Use a hole bit to drill out the same size hole as the pipe. Put the washer on the pipe and nut. Fasten the pipe to the box.

Drill 6 drainage holes in the bottom of the box

Push the large pipe into the big hole in the box. Put the lid on.

Locate the box in a quiet area of the garden, with the pipe pointing away from prevailing winds / the north / east. Cover with leaves, but do not fill with anything. Apparently, hedgehogs prefer to find their own bedding. Make sure there are holes in your & your neighbours’ garden fence/hedge/wall/gate so they can get into your garden. They will roam 1-2 kilometres a night looking for food so access is important.

One the box is installed, do not disturb. Clean annually in early Oct with cleaner used for bird cages.